Support for NSX-T in VMware Skyline 2.5

A good news for NSX-T users. VMware announced VMware Skyline Collector 2.5 and Advisor releases with support for NSX-T and new Findings & Recommendations.

Skyline now supports NSX-T 2.5 and above that means you can connect your NSX-T endpoints to your collectors and then Skyline will discover your NSX-T proactive Findings and Recommendations within Advisor. Just bear in mind that it may take 24-48 hours for these new findings to appear within Skyline Advisor.

The other handy feature is the ability to automatically upload NSX-T tech support log bundle to VMware technical support for NSX-T using Log Assist that will save a lot of time for operation support teams for dealing with technical support cases for NSX-T.

There are new Findings and Recommendations:

  • NSX-T Findings that picks up deployments issues within your NSX-T
  • VMware Security Advisories has new security advisories added to inform you about potential vulnerabilities to be vigilant about security risks

If you have the Auto Upgrade feature enabled in your Skyline Collector, your Collectors will update automatically. Otherwise you can download the new version from the Collector VAMI. Note, The Skyline Collector must be able to receive update notifications from