VMware Cloud on AWS is now available with two hosts deployment; starting from 33% cheaper

When VMware Cloud on Amazon AWS was introduced three years ago it required minimum of 4 hosts to be provisioned in production clusters. Then the requirement reduced to three hosts a bit later. They have now dropped one more host and the minimum requirements is two hosts now.

A few days ago VMware and Amazon AWS announced new upgrades in VMCA. Here are the key changes:

  • The minimum requirements for production cluster deployment reduced to 2 hosts. So the entry deployment cost is basically dropped by 33% that will attract small business.
  • Storage optimized AWS EC2 (I3en) instances are now available on VMCA for data-intensive with high random I/O workload such as Rational Database

While talking about VMware Cloud on AWS upgrades, I though it might be good to add basic information about VMware Cloud on Amazon AWS here:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS is basically VMware SDDC solution which is based on VMware Cloud Foundation platform with optimized access to native AWS services. VMCA run on elastic and dedicated hosts on Amazon AWS infrastructure
  • VMCA is currently available in 16 AWS regions. AWS is planning to expand the availability of VMCA to 21 regions by the end of the year
  • VMCA is a cloud choice for easily migrating VMs between on-premise VMware platform and cloud managed VMware SDDC platform that also provides integration to AWS services
  • VMware Cloud on AWS can be purchased either directly from AWS or APN partners
  • You can use your existing Windows Server licenses in VMCA. Consult your Microsoft product terms for any restrictions.
  • Each host is equivalent to an Amazon EC2 I3.metal instance (2 sockets with 18 cores per socket, 512 GiB RAM, and 15.2 TB Raw SSD storage).
  • Productions Clusters can have minimum 2 and maximum 16 ESXi hosts
  • Single host SDDC starter is a 30-days plan that can to reduce costs for proof of concepts
  • VMs can be moved (cold migrate) from on-premise DC with minimum version of vSphere 6.0 to VMCA
  • Hybric Link Mode is supported with vSphere 6.5 or later
  • Live migration can be done using vMotion or leveraging VMware Hyper Cloud Extension (HCX)