Case Study: German Bank, DVB Bank SE enhances…

Working with DVB Bank, Carbon Black has helped the financial institution to secure applications, reduce costs, save time and enable a more proactive approach to minimizing potential points of attack to its security. Find out more: #CarbonBlack #Cybersecurity #VMware

Case Study: German Bank, DVB Bank SE enhances…

“Introducing Carbon Black has made life so much easier for our Technical Information Security Officer (TISO). Instead of spending a week working through all the latest security regulations, he now has time to devote to implementing innovative projects.” Robert Seidemann, Vice President OS&IT – Engineering & Operating Services, DVB Bank SE DVB Bank SE is a financial services provider that specializes in international transport finance. As all other finance institutes in Germany, the bank is a big target for cyberattacks and must respond promptly to constantly changing threats. In recent years, the number of attacks targeting the finance industry has increased exponentially. Thanks to VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload DVB Bank SE has…Read More

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